Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute on Frontiers in Imaging Science. June 7-17, 2011 Bogot√°, Colombia

Imaging technologies allow us to see things otherwise invisible to us‚ÄĒthe structure and components of biological cells and nanoscale devices, previously undiscovered planets and black holes, and the interiors of our own bodies. Underlying these technologies is a large body of science that is continually advancing. During the past quarter century imaging science has progressed particularly rapidly, and new and improved imaging techniques for industry, science, and environmental monitoring¬†continue to be developed.

The Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI) on Frontiers in Imaging Science brings together a team of top researchers and lecturers, graduate students, post-docs, and young scientists and engineers in a school/workshop atmosphere to engage in state of the art training and discussions. Supported by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy (DOE) of the United States, the PASI consists of a series of short courses by top experts on the latest advances and innovations in imaging research. Topics include the optical microscopy of increasingly smaller structures, improved astronomical imaging through atmospheric turbulence, and analytical methods that facilitate understanding and development of new kinds of imaging systems. Student attendees are expected to present poster papers on their own work.

Full NSF grants and partial support grants from other organizations are available.

Long-term objectives:

Long-term objectives of the PASI are to foster collaboration between institutions and researchers in North, Central, and South America; to encourage future relationships between young researchers to facilitate student mobility between participating institutions; and to promote cross-fertilization between disciplines represented at the Institute.

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Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute
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